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 began as an unfortunate piece of screenwriting, now a FABULOUS RADIO SHOW run by yours truly. 



TWEET ME DURING THE BROADCAST BY USING THE HASHTAG>> #itwasarobothead or leave a message in my askbox

and then at 11 PM, "EVERYTHING LOUDER THAN EVERYTHING ELSE", a music show made up exclusively of the greatest hits of mullet rock + MORE SPN REFERENCES PROBABLY


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2) So much sexual tension between Red and Green
4) Skull Jr. is kind of attractive
5) and Green is very melodramatic. I like.
6) They do their own stunts! 
6b) Awesome night scene. Great transition between Red and Green practicing, and Green remembering his training.
7) Seriously. Red and Green need to make out already.
8) Yellow is actually SUPER ADORABLE
9) Her baby doll dress and silly miming of the monsters. oh my god. stop it I'm dying.

also robots and stuff
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So i know I'm super late, and I could have started into this fandom like two years ago and it would have been great, but I was too deep in boy's love comics and forgot all about fanfiction and how wonderful it is. It's Aimee's fault for introducing me to the power of as a fanfic search tool. and then giving me this fanfic.

But late's better than never, I hear, so here's a sketch that maybe sums up my life right now.

I *cannot wait* for the episode this friday.

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A lot of stuff has been happening, and a lot of stuff is about to happen. Let's stop for a few moments and talk about stuff that's happening. Right now.

My fingernails are green. And I don't mean they've begun to rot, which were all expecting. I painted them pretty watermelon green and now they are drying.

I am sitting in Soltian's apartment with Liz, Kat, and Ed, and we are making second dinner and loading Yellow Submarine because we are all on a super bad Beatles kick. This is due to Beatles Rock Band and the fact that I forgot who crazy obsessed I used to be about Ringo Starr.

Two cats, Sammy and Orion, are fighting on the pull-out couch that I'm using as a backrest. Orion is a kitty who loves to play, and Sammy is an old grumpy thing who kind of hates this game.

Oh that's right. My computer is infected with a pesky virus which we've been working most of the day to remove, and even with cyber-expert Kat's help it's not going anywhere. I've kind of given up at this point, since the internet still works, and I need to tell everyone online that I'm going to be at Otakon.

(I'm going to be at Otakon, BTW)*

You can hear the sound of five separate laptop keyboards in this room. It's interesting to be in a room full of girls who are kind of like clones of yourself.

*The reason I am going to OTAKON is to be a part of an Artist Alley table as part of the collective "OK GIV BABY". I hope people come see me and buy my stuff. Because I'm kind of in the red after paying for all the table prep ;;;)

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1) I'm not actually a red head. Or I wasn't until about a month ago when I bought red permanent hair dye and went for it.

I had just gotten back from Tokyo and I was pretty sick of how dull and gray my brown hair looked. I was already pale as a ghost from living in a city with no sun for three months. The hair dye I picked was only a shade lighter, and shade redder. Not really ginger, but enough of a change to not look strange and drastic.

2) It seemed to make a huge difference to everyone I met. For me, my hair just looked healthier, like it had been slightly bleached out by sunlight, but otherwise just the same as always. But everyone else really, really noticed the color change. People I've only just met describe my hair as reddish brown, a thing it's never been. People who know me well just call it red. I call it pretty.

p.s. A note on fanfic: my favorite side-character in Bones is the English trivia-lover Mr. Nigel-Murray, and I broke down to look for fan-fiction of him recently. The only decent one I found was about him and Wendell (coincidentally my second-favorite). It's called Nine Million Bicycles in Beijing and its sweet and corny and has been haunting me for days.
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By the way, journal and journal buddies, I have returned safely from my study abroad in T-T-Tokyo. I went straight from the world's most exciting city back to my hometown, then just a quickly rushed up to my college campus that I'd been missing like crazy. I've been living in my friend's internet-less but cozy apartment and working at my old school job. The weather here is sticky and sweaty. My job is practically hard labor and every evening I come home exhausted--but happy.

What's changed, what's new, and what's coming )

*~*LOVE!*~* to my dreamwidth circle and livejournal f-list
You guys are all awesome people !!  Knowing you're out there gives me strength every day. 
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1) We were on a scavenger hunt in the steep sloping mountains surrounding our remote inn where we were holding the Cultural Exchange Camp. I was the leader of my scavenger hunt group (Group 3!), I'd concluded this made me the Red Ranger, and that I was awesome. Just when I'd decided I also must be a closet mountain hiking prodigy, I slipped in a patch of slick mud and my face met dirt. Group three lost the hunt but my clothes were covered in mud. +5 for badass.

2) I was sitting with everyone in the cafeteria eating my fancy bento lunch, when I felt something smack the side of my face. I jumped--kind of like a cat who'd just been spray with water--and yelped. A girl sitting down the table from me called out "Sorry!" as I held up the offending article that had hit me--a folded up chopstick packet. What the heck? The girl--McKenna, kind of hyper but believably harmless--assured me she hadn't been aiming for me.

3) During the dodgeball game that I might have been getting waay to into, I ended up as one of 2 people left on my side. Which I don't really understand, because I suck at all sports including dodgeball.  Usually, though, when I was last it meant that that game would soon be over. While my team yelled from the benches to aim for the other side's feet, I looked over to yell back when I got outed by a red rubber ball on my chin. The pain was second only to the shame of the loss in battle, and I fell to my knees like a fallen samurai. The sting remained for a couple more rounds, and I found out later that McKenna had scored the shot--this time it was on purpose. We got along great after that.

4) For some reason, after hiking, dodgeball and cooking over the fire in the freezing cold, I got roped into playing half-court basketball with a bunch of rowdy guys and Nahomi, the tiny student event coordinator who is also a sports whiz. I wasn't even sure what the rules of basketball were, seeing as I'd never actually played, but a 9-point tie later I was doing my best to help our team win. I found myself most useful by the hoop, catching missed shots and throwing them back to my teammates who could actually move with the ball. At this point, however, most of my teammates were right around me, trying to hit the ball in, and I was trying my best as well, some point, the ball got smacked into my forehead, and I stumbled back, and I don't really remember what happened for the next few seconds.

5) I was sore all over, I was tired, and the game was almost over. But I could still stand, and my blood was pumping and I didn't really feel the pain after those first few seconds. And the game was almost over. So I laughed it off, again, and kept playing. Nahomi was on my team, after all. She swam like a fish through the court, truly a spectacle! We were tied again, 10-10, it was game-point time, we were so close! The ball went for the goal, right next to me, missed, and fell into my I threw it. And in it went!

For sucking at sports and outdoor activities, at least I seem to have some persistence? And as previously mentioned, far too much pep. I am so loud when I'm in game mode. Some people tell me that's my charm--I'm peppy. It's something I like about myself, too.
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Lately I've been feeling this way. There are a couple things* I'm waiting on to happen and until they do I feel like I can't move forward. In the meantime...other, more unexpected things happen that change my plans.

Things like Society of Illustrators, who decided they liked this piece I did last semester. Which meant I had to frame and ship a print from Japan to America within the week to be eligible for second-tier judging, and hell if that wasn't a lightning bolt from the East Coast reminding me it was still there. It was also a huuge ego boost, especially considering that its on the my favorite things I've ever drawn. :) Hooray for gay make-out scenes?
Framing Artwork, and Learning the Language )

*A love letter that Won't Arrive
*Spring (see latest art blog post for an illustration of the anticipation of spring--I really cannot wait for warmer weather and the cherry blossom festival)

p.s. I'm re-reading the XMR novel series--again. They are great reading material for the long train ride to-and-from school. Why can't life be all about feelings and friendship(?) like it is for XM!Sky and collar!Jack?

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I've posted something nice over at my art blog. check it!

Also, today in art class, during a very good lecture on mark making, I scribbled the following script and thumb-nailed a 2-page dirty comic. It's no-holds-barred PWP and is a blatant rip-off of every boy's love comic I've ever read. As corny as it is, it makes me laugh, so I'm going with it. Preliminary drawings begin this week!

NSFW-- Don't read this if a) you wish to uphold some kind of dignified opinion of me or b) smutty porn dialogue makes you sick )

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All I have to show for artwork so far are some crappy cell phone pictures of my still life's from my intermediate drawing class. I think they came out alright, but I can't use them in my portfolio. It was kind of like stretching after a long rest. I haven't drawn a still life in years! After the weekend, I'll upload some illustrations I've been working on.

I also uploaded a photo-journey through Shibuya over at Hamburger Desu. The latest 5 posts on the blog are all new. Check it out!

Also in the works is the first in a series of boy's love-themed posts. Sometimes its interesting to view this city from the perspective of a boy's love fan. Lately I've been thinking boy's love is a big motivating factor in my life. Like, in the long term, art and success and intellectual exploration are my motivations. But in the short-term, day-to-day, a significant chunk of my life is driven by fantasies of hot shirtless men. To summarize, I am a big perv.*

I am currently thinking about renting a small gallery space in Tokyo for a few days. The school will help out the cost a bit, and the place is really interesting (see this post for details). In order to have a show, though, I have to have work! So, onward!

--Pizza Face

*On a related note, I need an idea for a 1-2 page boy's love comic!! As much as I love this genre I can't imagine any scenes that I would be interested in drawing. It's like, I have a mental block! So frustrating! I'm getting worked up about this because of the upcoming MICArotica submission deadline, for which I want some fresh work. Any suggestions are welcome. :D
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The reason I've had a hard time waking up lately is probably that I've been drinking more caffeinated  beverages. But I can't help it! Vending machines are *everywhere* here. Also, Japan is a cash-based society, meaning no credit cards to pay for things--Which means having a lot of change. And what can you do when your wallet weighs five pounds? Vending machine time~!

I must make note of the fact that I had my first karaoke experience last Friday on my *biiirthday!*! It was very authentically Japanese except for all the American songs. There wasn't a wide selection, but we found some essentials:
"Singles Ladies" by Beyonce
"Yesterday" by the Beatles
"Bad Romance" by Lady Gaga
"Swing Swing" by the All-American Rejects
"Call Me" by Blondie
"Part of Your World" from The Little Mermaid
We also found Ride on Shooting Star by the Pillows and rocked the sh*t out of it. yesss
In celebration of my reaching the coveted 21-year mark, I ordered myself an ice-cream cocktail.

And folks, let me just say, cocktails should *always* have ice cream in them. New life rule.

Following my fabulous birthday party I crawled into bed and happily stayed there for the entire weekend. It's one of my bad habits, but sometimes (perhaps most often after social outings) I get so tired of people and just need to disconnect. I'd been craving the life of a slug recently.

In other news. Art, and my tendency to get completely absorbed by it )

Next: Pictures and Art. Love,
Pizza Face

Sou Desu.

Jan. 20th, 2010 06:17 pm
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I'm writing this in the computer lab at school, because my computer, while in working order enough to connect to the internet, is still b-broke so I can't watch videos or listen to music with it, which is boring boring boring. So I'm watching Community and updating blogs here.

My phone-email game is going very well!! I'm so excited when I get new messages from you all. I've saved everyone to my address book so if I find something nice I'll send it out to everyone.

This afternoon I went and volunteered at an elementary school aftercare. There where about 10 kids, first to third grade, and five of us volunteers to help the teachers. I was really excited to meet and play with the kids, but also really nervous because I didn't know any Japanese!! I mean, I guess I know some now, but I don't use it at all really, and I'm so nervous! So the day leading up to today i was very nervous. But everything turned out fine. No, okay guys,. really. It was a for-real Japanese elementary school, with the the shoe cubbies and the sinks and the big courtyard. I was TOTALLY GEEKING OUT but I tried to contain myself. The kids were very nice. I had worked out a strategy for playing with them. I got a piece of paper and started drawing, and eventually drew a couple girls to me. One girl, Yuuna, would build things with building blocks and have me draw them, and then I would draw her in as a giant monster and me in as a little person yelling "OOOOOOH". I would say, "II desu ka?" (is this ok?) after i drew something, and she would say, very solomnly, "Sou desu" (that's right). Then when we went outside she had me hold her hand. It was maybe a little bit of a cop-out that I attached myself to one student, but i can't help it, I LOVE HOLDING HANDS WITH SMALL CHILDREN. Yuuna-chan, thank you for being so nice to me. She was very patient. I wouldn't understand when she would give me an order, so we would have to figure it out together with hand motions*. We all flew kites in the courtyard. It was mega fun.

I got big into the Haiti earthquake aftermath today. I'm doing a piece on the orphans, and I've just been absorbing the situation over there all day. It's terrible. It's really terrible, and I think a lot of artists I know online are participating in auctions and fundraisers, things like that. Which is wonderful. I didn't even hear about what had happened until the weekend, when I saw a report about in on the Japanese news. and even then I didn't connect the dots until later. It was around the time they were getting the first reports in about other cities around Port au Prince, that many have been completely demolished. There's a whole world in there that we don't even know about. There's no telling just how much damage has been caused. I was looking at map of the fault lines that surround Haiti, and there's this one little one that cuts right through Port au Prince. It was like an arrow or a knife cutting through it. Or a flatline. I hope that Haitians can receive the aid they need. My piece on the orphans will be a kind of editorial illustration but I think it's going to be more personal. My heart aches for them.

*speaking of, on Sunday night's there' this show in Japanese TV about sign language. It's basically a sign language educational program, with two hosts and then some actors who put on skits. The skits themselves are entertaining, plus at the end the hosts go over what new signs have been introduced. I thought it was really cool.
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I have not updated my journal quite as much as I wanted to, and that is because my laptop essentially FRIED in the middle of the week. After a couple days in internet-less hell, I can breathe easy. )

In the meantime, I've taken the evening off* and am finally archiving my first impressions of Temple University Japan. Classes started on Tuesday. I have Intermediate Drawing and "Japan and the West, a Socio-Psychological Comparison."on Tuesday/Thursday.  On Monday/Wednesday/Friday I had Japanese Elements 1 and Drawing Portfolio. What follows is my thought on each course.

Class and School: Weird )

Other points of interest )


Upcoming things on my to-do list are: get a cute flip-phone, visit the 6 FLOOR ART SUPPLIES STORE YES YES YES, find a good venue for boy's love comics, and go out to eat with a group. Oh, and buy a new hard drive, now.

I'm beginning to see the seductive draw of a city like Tokyo. Life is so fast-paced and full of sensory overload, so consumerist. You come here, you try to fit in and go with the flow, and you get caught up in the lifestyle. I can understand how some people never want to leave, even considering how foreigners are eternally outsiders and the high cost of living. With all these distractions, when you find your niche in a city like Tokyo, why would you ever leave?

That said, I'm totally homesick. :// For silly reasons too: if I was home, I would have tech support, Hulu, and english labels on all the food. America, I miss you!

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Today might be the first day I could have slept in until the sun rose. I am really tired from yesterday. But I can't sleept in, because I need to get myself used to waking up at around 5:30 for my first class. It starts at 8:40, but that's at peak rush hour in the subway, so I'll need to leave really early to avoid the worst part. At least for now.


Shopping, Food, and Train Wrecks )

I guess this is part of culture shock. I'm going to have to go back to the grocery store today, and possibly have the same train wreck again! What do I say/listen for at the cashier? Could anyone tell me?


Ice Skating )


First Day

Jan. 9th, 2010 06:45 am
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I kept telling myself I would get to sleep when I got to my room. With that in mind, I was able to stay sane while not being able to sleep on the plane. I can not sleep on planes. I even got a prescription for xanex (which works great for my anxiety, go figure) so I could sleep, took two...didn't work. So I was woring on about 4 hours of sleep from the previous night upon my arrival.

I finally got to the room at around 8 pm and was so excited by everything in it that I didn't get to bed for a couple of hours. It's so cute!! Here are some photos. Things I wasn't expecting: the size of the room, a hairdryer, ethernet cord, heat, 2 rolls of toilet paper.

meeting everyone )

On the way home, we rode the train during rush hour, and I got separated from the group for a while, and I got really nervous about how I was going to get out at my stop. When we got to the stop I said "Suimasen!" but it turned out I didn't even need to, everyone just pushes eachother. I felt kind of stupid.

On the way back home I talked with Natsumi, one of our student leaders who is a native of Tokyo. I saw a poster for KAT-TUN, a boy band I like, and I pointed it out. She was like, "you know them? whos you're favorite?" and I was like, "uh, kamenishi of course" and she was like "no way you really know them!!" Yea, it was cool. And kind of dorky.

grocery shopping )

It's about 7 am, I'm going to go boil some eggs for breakfast. :D


Sep. 20th, 2009 11:10 pm
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So I have this snazzy website now, and pretty soon there will be lots of art on it. Currently, I'm rushing to get the comics page up, in preparation for meeting with a bunch of comic artists next week. So, in the comics sections, you will find that most of the comics links are working.

Please partake!

I feel really bad about neglecting my journal these past few weeks, especially because I've been scanning through my reading page tonight, and I've missed some really exciting and important things! I love you, everyone!

I'm sending good juju to Whinnie and [personal profile] starandrea  and [personal profile] marcicat ~

Happy birthday (belatedly) [personal profile] dragovianknight  ♥
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RPM: 22  )


Aug. 28th, 2009 11:09 am
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*~* I just found out that I have been accepted for a semester abroad-- in Japan!! *~*

It will be for this spring....oh man, so much to do before then....

I'm excited but also totally aware of the massive amount of prep ahead...and of how big of a challenge this is going to be.



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